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We do not provide heat treatment services. GreenTech Heat designs, manufactures, and sells electric and direct fired heaters, fans, and treatment accessories specifically designed for the efficient killing of all insect pests, especially bed bugs.

When properly applied, our equipment consistently provides a 100% kill, 100% of the time, every time. Modern bed bug populations are highly resistant to the insecticides used for their control. Heat is known to be a very effective bed bug killer and it can be used in many different ways to treat infestations.

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certified bed bug heat treatment training

We are GreenTech Heat Solutions - the leader in affordable professional bed bug heat treatment equipment and training for the eradication of bed bugs and many other insects and their eggs. Improve your business using our bed bug heat treatment technology. GreenTech Heat has the original bed bug heater. We offer complete heat treatment equipment packages designed specifically for the professional pest controller and the professional maintenance team property manager.

hotel bed bug heat treatment equipment


Protect your reputation! Act quickly and stop the rising cost for bed bugs and other indoor insects. Eliminate odors from pets and more!

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housing authority hud bed bug heat treatment equipment

HUD / Housing Authority

Heat treatment equipment packages and certified training. Do it yourself! Self treat with heat for bed bug-free multifamily homes.

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pest control bed bug heat treatment equipment

Pest Control Operator

Affordable equipment packages for companies starting with heat or expanding your existing heat team. Certified heat treatment training available.

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property management bed bug heat treatment equipment

Property Management

Understand how you can use your own maintenance team to control bed bugs and your pest budget. Certified training available.

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