Property Management Heat Treatments


The best way to eliminate bed bugs in your units

Self treat your apartments, condominiums, and buildings — In-house and on your schedule!

You have another tenant who is complaining about bed bugs in their apartment. Now what? Your general pest contract does not cover bed bug treatments. It may cost you $600 or more to have the treatment done. In addition, you may lose tenants. With heat, you can respond almost immediately, reduce costs, and eradicate the bed bug infestation the same day with commercial-grade heat treatment equipment. Self-treat with heat using your own maintenance team. Your tenant can return to the apartment later that same day, and without bed bugs.

While treating for bed bugs, you can also disinfect and sanitize your rooms. You can deodorize apartments from dog and cat urine, cigar and cigarette smoke, or cooking smells. Most of our clients have paid for the equipment as quickly as one month to less than nine months. You can put money back into your budget by not paying an outside service to do a professional heat treatment— do it yourself.


I just wanted to let you know that your GreenTech Titan unit is working great for us here in Wilmington DE, and our Philadelphia PA complexes. We followed Michael R. Linford PhD field manual to the tee and we are 25 for 25 on bed bug free apartments. Thank you so much for such a great product which has helped us take control of our bed bug problem. Keep up the great work. Happy in the East Coast.

Eric Fredricks
Cranston Hall Apartments


Laboratory proven to eliminate allergens and microbes

As we developed our technology and sought clinical proof of its efficacy, GreenTech Heat compiled a listing of studies from academic laboratory sources and trusted epidemiological institutions— including the World Health Organization and Health Canada— for many microbials including protoza, bacteria, fungi, and viri. Their findings prove that heat kills organism floating in the air, residing deep in furniture, and sterilize surfaces in one concise treatment.

A single treatment with temperatures only slightly higher and durations slightly longer than an aggressive bed bug treatment will eliminate organisms throughout the treatment area. The following table lists some of the laboratory findings. A complete listing can be found in Bed Bug Heat Treatment Field Guide.

Heat is a proven disinfectant. Medical professionals trust heat to sterilize surgical instruments. When conducting a microbial treatment, heat and hold the treatment zone between 66°C/150°F and 71°C/160°F and maintain temperatures until the hardest-to-heat locations maintains that temperature for 3 hours as indicated with a temperature probe.

Because of the amounts of energy produced, propane-fired Titan heaters require someone onsite throughout the treatment actively monitoring temperatures and airflow.


Electric ePro heaters and packages

GreenTech Heat is the industry leader for equipment to kill bed bugs with heat. We offer you the choice of direct fired or electric heaters. GreenTech ePro heaters feature an integrated thermostat and do not require a technician be present during the heat treatment— start the treatment first thing in the morning and return at the end of the day to find all the bed bugs and their eggs are dead!


Because of the convected energies created by the GreenTech Heat heaters, we do not recommend residents re-enter the property until temperatures have cooled to 85°F.